SE-108TA Automatic Edge Banding Machine

SE-108TA Automatic Edge Banding Machine
SE-108TA Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Automatic pneumatic controlled trimming, double gluing & edging system.

SE-108TA edge banding machine is specially designed for the full automatic edge banding for all kinds of woodworking boards. With patented appearance design and imported famous brands of key components, machines can offer a high efficiency and stable performance with high precision for the entire production process.

Main Functions

Pre-milling, double gluing & Edging, end trimming, rough trimming, fine trimming, corner rounding scrapping, buffing.

Double Gluing & Edging System

Double Gluing & Edging System: Dark and shallow colors can be switch quickly, satisfy your different production requirements.

Automatic Separating and Cleaning Medium Spraying Device

Automatic separating and cleaning medium spraying device, ensure the edge appearance clean and perfect.



Edge band thickness


Workpiece thickness


Conveyor belt speed


Min.width of workpiece


Min.length of workpiece(without premilling)


Min.length of workpiece(with premilling)


Distance between two workpieces

520-580mm(with corner trimming is 720mm)

Total power




Air pressure




Dimension size


Diameter of suction port


If you work in a woodshop, you know that quality machines can be the difference between quality work or just average work. Guangdong Sandar CNC understands this and has been helping companies make the leap from average to excellent in their manufacturing, for 25 years. Sandar CNC is based in the industry heavy community in Guangdong, China.

Sandar has a wide array of CNC machines and other woodworking tools. Sandar is also ISO 9001 certified, which means they adhere to the same standards any other ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in the world adheres to. This means customers can be sure that strict quality control standards are in place, in order to produce some of the best products on the market today.

What Sandar Can Bring To The Table

Now, let’s take a glimpse at some of what Sandar CNC has to offer. For example, we can take a look at one of Sandar’s Automatic Edge Banding Machines for wood, the SE-108TA. TheSE-108TA is designed for fully automatic edge banding for many different types of woodworking applications. This auto edge bander also utilizes an Automatic Pneumatically Controlled Trimming, Double Gluing and Edging system, to make your shop processes that much easier. The main functions of the SE-108TA are pre-milling, double gluing, double edging, end trimming, rough and fine trimming as well as corner rounding, scraping and buffing. This auto edge banding machine brings some serious work power to your shop. Giving potential customers a tour of your shop? No problem, the SE-108TA looks amazing, clean cut and professional. A shop owner or manager will have no trouble impressing potential customers with the looks of this machine alone, let alone the outstanding performance Sandar CNC machines provide.

Why Sandar CNC?

With Sandar’s patented appearance and use of internationally recognized brands for key components, Sandar machines are an excellent choice for any manufacturers that create wood products. Sandar understands how important it is for a factory to run smoothly. That is why Sandar CNC employs a professional sales and technical team to meet your needs. Sandar CNC also offers an OEM/ODM service, which means Sandar themselves will help you with your technical needs. What better place to go, than the manufactures of the machines themselves to provide technical service and engineering help.  Sandar CNC has also obtained patents or has patents pending for 21 different products. It goes to show that Sandar is always looking to be on the cutting edge of manufacturing processes for its customers. 

Wrap It Up: At the end of the day, Sandar CNC is a rock solid choice for auto edge banding machine. All new machines come with a 12-month guarantee from Sandar if anything goes wrong. Even if you have a question, the people at Sandar would love to hear from you. Sandar CNC is taking the steps necessary to revolutionize the wood making industry. Hopefully, factories can learn about the potential of Sandar and can partner with them in order for all to maintain a happy and healthy business.



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