Automatic Edge Banding Machines-High Quality And Cost Efficient Edge Banding For Your Finish Product

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  • Date:2021/07/23

Automatic edge banding machines are state-of-the-art woodworking machines. Edge banding is used to seal the bare sides of materials such as MDF, particleboard giving the final product the appearance of a solid or more valuable material. The automatic edge banding machines are a crucial part of the processing flow of the furniture production line. These machines can replace traditional manual labor with highly automated machinery with the added advantage of fast processing efficiency and high processing quality. The automatic edge banding machines from Sandar are designed to deal with a wide range of materials with absolute precision and flexible production.


Guangdong Sandar CNC machine company limited has established itself as one of the greatest automatic edge banding suppliers in China. Since its establishment in 1995, the organization has worked up and taken over the woodworking machinery industry by storm. Through its innovative and state of the art products, the organization has set up its client base not only in China but also in the international market as well. With a team of exceptionally talented experts, the organization has launched products that are according to the international standards and are additionally CE and TUV certified, thus becoming the number one of clients across the globe.


While people have been doing edge banding manually for centuries, the technique is not applicable now. With bulk work and ever expanding business needs, people are now on the lookout for user-friendly customized production, flexible solutions, and that too within a small space. Keeping the growing trends in mind, we at Sandars have designed the ultimate automatic edge banding machine in China that fits right into your budget and your work setup. The SE-208B Heavy-duty High-Speed Automatic Edge Banding Machine is a heavy-duty machine that is a complete edge banding unit. The machine is equipped with a PC counter which allows user-friendly visualization making it easier to operate with the edge band daily count and workpiece daily processing statistics function. The state-of-the-art machine is designed to reduce the maintenance cost by installing independent converters for each trimming unit except the scrapping and buffing unit. For the overall finish of the final product, the machine is fitted with 4 sets of high-speed round trimming devices that guarantee rapid and stable corner trimming.  


While investing in a machine, we tend to cut back on the cost of labor, and that is exactly what you get when you invest in an automatic edge banding machine. The SE-208B is equipped with an automatic lubrication system that lubricates the guide rails on the end trimming unit to make sure it is smoothly sliding thus reducing the maintenance cost. To make the overall process much easier and convenient, the machine is equipped with a double edge loading device. The loading disc can install two rolls of edge band tape. When each of them is finished, the color alarm will light up signaling to install another one. To meet the growing needs of precision and finish the machine is fitted with a state-of-the-art imported quick melt gluing unit which accurately controls the excessive glue amount. Considering the wide range of benefits they offer, the automatic edge banding machine price is a great bargain. Although it might not be a good fit for small businesses.




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