Sliding Table Saw Machine China-Providing Efficient And Precise Cutting For Your Wooden Products

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  • Date:2021/07/23

Have you ever wondered what a sliding table saw machine is? Well, according to Google you are not the only one. Sliding table saw machines are creating a buzz in the wood working industry. The sliding table saws are versatile woodworking tools that provide angled cuts, crosscuts, rip cuts, or even beveled edges. They are ideal for people who routinely build big, heavy pieces like benches, tabletops. The sliding table saw China provides a smooth range of motion and stability so you can achieve clean and accurate cuts.


Guangdong SANDAR CNC Machinery Co. Ltd has set up itself as one of the greatest sliding tables saw suppliers in China as well as in various nations across the globe. Since its foundation in 1995, the organization has now made some amazing progress. At Sandars, we offer a wide wide range of woodworking machines, for example,  CNC drilling machines, multi-spindle boring machines, CNC panel saw machines, CNC processing centers, and so forth, that give a high-quality finish to your end products. At Sandars, we have a group of highly trained technicians and engineers who work nonstop. Because of their consistent endeavors, we have been awarded the certificate of Adopting International Standard Product Marking, certificate of Chinese GMC certified high-quality manufacturer, and Guangdong High-tech Products.


These sliding table saw machines can be used to cut almunium sheeting, plastic, wood, and a wide range of other materials better than miter or circular saws. By using a sliding table saw China, the user has the liberty to move the table as a whole, rather than just your workpiece across a stationary table. These are ideal for people looking to upscale their business and bring more finish in their final products. At Sandar, we have introduced the SW-400C High Precision Sliding Table Saw (90°) which is ideal for industrial use. The heavy-duty industrial machine is composed of two kinds of saws, the main saw and the grooving saw. The Grooving saw is expected to cut cross and different grooves in wood by utilizing an S-shaped cutter in combination with two circular saws, these three tools being fixed on a horizontal spinning mandrel, which can be adjusted to suit whatever profundity it very well might be required to cut the groove.  


The grooving saw is fitted with a  1HP motor which is ideal for small duty tasks. The main saw is equipped with an extremely powerful 7HP motor which allows more cutting power. For deeper and more efficient cuts, the main grove has a blade diameter of 250mm -450mmm. On the other hand, the groove saw has a blade diameter of 120 mm. The max positioning size of the rip cut baffle is 1200 mm, and it is used to cut the material parallel to the grain with efficient and long cuts. The sliding table saw machines’ accessories focus on dust control while others offer extra safety features and much more. Our support team will listen to the needs of your business and provide you with the appropriate accessories you need for your sliding table.




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