SKD-6L Six Sides CNC Drilling Machine

SKD-6L Six Sides CNC drilling machine is the full automatic drilling /Boring equipment,that can provide the complete solutions of synchronous 6-sides holes drilling, top & bottom sides grooving/Milling for panel-type furniture manufacturing.

Heavy-duty structure designed, Adopting Germany bus control system. Machine can be connected with variety brands of production design data software,which can input the production data directly. Highly raising the production efficiency and reducing the daily production cost & labor costs for the factories.

Designed with 1 Top + 1 Bottom Drilling & Milling Device.

Double Clamping Device

Double Clamping Device: Min.workpiece Size 35x250mm

Movable Air Floating Working Table

Movable Air Floating Working Table (Patented Designed)

Servo Controlled Automatic Side Aligning Device

Servo Controlled Automatic Side Aligning Device

Cross Conveyor Rear Outfeeding Table

Cross Conveyor Rear Outfeeding Table

Up & Down Vertical/Horizontal Drilling Device

Up & Down Vertical/Horizontal Drilling Device, Grooving Device.

Sealed Multi Point controlled Dust Collection Cover

Sealed Multi Point controlled Dust Collection Cover

1. Adopt Germany bus controlled CNC system, integrated Self-developed CAD/CAM Software that carry out sheet metal graphical editing and directly generate NC Program for Processing.

2. Machinery can connect with variety brands of production data software.

3. The precision processed heavy- duty frame and components.

4. Extended 5900mm guide rail, application for processing work-piece without length limitation.

5. Data can be one time imported to complete the six sides drilling.

6. Symmetrical holes and grooves at two sides of panel can be processed synchronously.

7. Machine is able to process stacked panels (two pieces synchronously) with mirror layout of holes and grooves.

Technical Date SKD-6L
Working Stroke & Max.Positioning Speed
X axis X1: 3800mm, 130m/min

X2: 4500mm, 130m/min

Y axis Y1:1640 mm, 110m/min

Y2:1460 mm, 110 m/min

Z axis Z1/Z2:90 mm, 50 m/min
U axis 1240mm,90m/min
Upper Drilling Unit
Drill chuck quantity 1pcs
Vertical drilling 6X+6Y
Horizontal spindle 2L+2R, 2F+2B
Motor power 2.2KWx2, 4500rpm
Bottom Drill Unit  
Vertical drilling 3×3 Matrix distribution
Motor power 2.2KW, 4500rpm
Router quantity 1UP+1Bottom
Router type Grooving & Round milling
Tool diameter Ф6-Ф12mm(Tools optional)
Tools handle diameter 1/2
Motor power 3.5kwx24,000rpm
Processing Size Range  
Min.width of work -piece 35mm
Max.width of work -piece 1250mm
Min.Length of work -piece 250mm
Max.thickness of work -piece 60mm
Other Data  
Working table height 900mm
Total power 23.5kw
Working voltage 380V, 50HZ
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Overall dimensions 6050x2770x2200mm (length*width*height)
Diameter of suction port Ф200mmx1, Ф125mmx1





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