SK-3800TP-A Automatic CNC Panel Saw (Rear Feeding)

SK-3800TP-A CNC Panel Saw is the full automatic cutting equipment that can provide the quantity production of panel cutting for custom furniture manufacturing. Adopting 19″ LED screen and PC computer control system, machine can be connected with variety brands of production data software to input the production data directly. Highly raising the production efficiency and reducing the daily production costs for the factories.

European technical design

High precision high efficiency

Suitable for high precision production requirement.

Precision, Durable

The feeding position (left or right, rear side of the machine) is optional according to customer requirement before order confirm.

Left Side Feeding

Left Side Feeding

Rear Feeding

Rear Feeding

Rear Feeding Lifting Table

Rear feeding lifting table controlled by hydraulic system; Highly Precision Positioning by magnetic grid measuring technology. The min.loading height is 8mm, the max.Loading height is 550mm/1200mm (lifting table place under ground), and load-bearing 4000KG; Hydraulic motor: 2.2kw.

Double Fingers Design Heavy-duty Grippers

Double fingers design heavy-duty grippers can clamped the size 45x34mm.

Advanced Flange Fastening Structure

Advanced flange fastening structure, which saw blades installation more convenient saw carriage rising rapidly, Ma.sawing heith: 120mm (installed with 450mm blade).

PC Computer Controlled System

PC Computer Controlled System: Equipped with 19’’LED Screen, Prefect Windows control interface, completely functions and diagrams. Which production controller can input the data from the office, realize the long distance control.

Saw Carriage and Blade Transmission Device

Saw Carriage and Blade Transmission Device: Saw carriage adopts heavy duty cog wheel and gear racks, which support the rapid and stable sawing. The up and down adjustment of main saw and grooving saw controlled by precision cylindrical guide, main and grooving saws driven by independent motor, main saw can automatic adjust rising height according to work-piece thickness.

Motors driven by servo, which ensure low noise, high speed and accuracy cutting. Accuracy contolling the start-stop cutting position.

Technical Data SK-3800TP
Max working size 3800*4000*120mm
Max saw motor 15kw
Scoring saw motor 1.5kw
Max cutting height 90mm (120mm Optional)
Cutting speed Max. 85m/min
Saw return speed Max. 100m/min
Pusher speed Max. 85m/min
Main saw size Max. φ400mm
Scoring saw size φ200mm
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Machine size 9767x6448x1890mm
Stacking height 1200mm (Under ground)
Stacking motor power 2.2KW
Feeding table load-bearing 7000KG
Min.Work-piece size of clamper 45mm





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