SKD-125S 5 Sides CNC Wood Drilling Machine- Double clampers

SKD-125S CNC drilling machine is the full automatic 5 sides drilling equipment, data can be one time imported to complete six sides holes drilling. Completely solve all positions of drilling. Adopting Germany brands bus control system, with self- development CAD/ CAM software. Machine can be connected with variety brands of production data software to input the production data directly. Highly raising the production efficiency and reducing the daily production costs for the factories.

Double Clampers Designed, Max.Width of Work-piece: 1240mm

Vertical/Horizontal Drilling Device

Patent Design: ZL201220738924.8 / ZL201220736609.1

Vertical/Horizontal Drilling Device, Grooving Device. Patent designed U type designed drill chuck.

Patented designed. It is a new type CNC drilling machine, which is composed of multi-sliders supporting device. Reduce vibration of drilling and grooving that improve the processing speed and quality.

Automatic Side Aligning Device

Patent Design: 201521020306.X

Patented Design Roller Type Side Baffle: When workpiece in high speed feeding, it can reduce the friction and wearing between workpiece and side baffle. To protect the side surface of workpiece and realized a higher processing speed.

Automatic Clamping and Feeding Device

Automatic Side Aligning Device: Automatic control the working stroke of the side baffle, which can adapt to the positioning requirement of different work-pieces width.

Patented Design Grooving Relocatable Baffle Device

Patent Design: ZL201420153641.6

Patented design Grooving relocatable baffle device, ensure the accurately size of grooving depth on work-pieces.

Patented Designed Champing Device and Relocatable Champing Chuck

Patent Design

201630051400.5 / 201620139335.6

Patented designed champing device and relocatable champing chuck, when workpiece in high speed feeding, it can reduce the workpiece friction and wearing that protect the surface.

Patented Design Roller Type Side Baffle

Patent Design: 201521020306.X

Patented Design Roller Type Side Baffle: When workpiece in high speed feeding, it can reduce the friction and wearing between workpiece and side baffle. To protect the side surface of workpiece and realized a higher processing speed.

Transmission System

Transmission System: Adopt servo motor control, international famous brand reducer, gear, rack. International famous brand high strength & heavy-duty linear guides and siding carrage. Fully sealing oil seal equiped with central lubricating system. Which ensure the perfect effect of dust-proof.

Automatic Pressing Device

Automatic Pressing Device: Automatic pressing and loosen the work-pieces according to the computer controlling program, which satisfy the requirement of the drilling and feeding.

Control System

Control System:  Adopted PA CNC system, Image-text input interface and drilling data can be put by CAD, realize the convenient and rapid operation. It can realize the seamless connect, according to the file format of user production design management software, without separately input data, realize faster drilling processing.

Technical Date SKD-125S
Working Stroke & Max.Positioning Speed
X axis 1250mm, 90m/min
Y axis 1880mm, 90m/min
A axis 80mm, 50m/min
Z axis 50mm, 50m/min
Drilling Unit
U-shaped vertical drilling 15 pcs
Horizontal spindle 2 (Left)+2 (Right) and 2 (Front)+2 (Back)
Motor power 2.2kw.4500rpm
Router type Grooving & Round milling
Tool diameter φ6-φ10mm (Tool optional)
Tools handle diameter 1/2
Motor power 2.2kw,24000prm
Processing Size Range  
Min.width of work-piece 50mm
Max.width of work-piece 1250mm
Min.length of work-piece 250mm
Max.thickness of work-piece 50mm
Other Data  
Working table height 950mm
Total power 9.5KW
Working Voltage 380V, 50HZ
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Weight 2600KG
Overall dimensions 3180*2190*1700mm
Diameter of suction Port Φ125×1





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