Features of CNC Horizontal Drilling Machine

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  • Date:2021/12/22

When it comes to the performance of a 6 sides CNC horizontal drilling machine, the machine's features are important. Firstly, it features a bed with an integrated coolant recovery system. Second, the drill bit can be positioned into the chuck, and the whole process is automated. This type of cnc horizontal drilling machine has a high horsepower and a maximum drilling capacity of 12.5 mm. It also has a hand lever feeding system and can drill through a variety of materials.


Another feature that sets this machine apart from other 5 sides drilling machines is its power feed. The drill bit is moved to a position that can be adjusted with the drillbit lock. Once the swivel table is at the desired location, it is locked in place and rotated. The spindle and stepped pulley attached to the drill head rotate when power is applied to the drill. Once the drilling process is complete, the drill will return to its initial position or can be shifted to a different location.



Compared to traditional drills, Sandar CNC beam drilling machine can drill holes that are longer than three times the size of the drill. As the drilling process continues, this type of cnc horizontal drilling machine is ideal for high-volume production and high-speed machining. The swivel table and the jaws can be positioned anywhere along the workpiece to optimize productivity. Lastly, a stepped pulley attached to the drill head rotates when the drill is powered.


For one thing, this horizontal drilling machine can be controlled by a software program. It also has a swivel table that moves independently. The radial arm is powered by a motor and may be manually operated. The swivel table is attached to a rack or gear arrangement. When power is given to the drill motor, it turns the spindle, which in turn rotates the drill bit.



For another, it is a high-speed drilling machine that is capable of performing multiple tasks at once. The drill is powered by a stepped pulley attached to the spindle. Its base and swivel table are made of graded castings. The swivel table is a major part of the drill. It holds the drill bit and jaws. It is used to remove materials from the workpiece. When the power is applied to the motor, the stepped pulley rotates. Then the bit locks and inverts and changes the rotational motion.


In Sum, Sandar as CNC drilling machine manufacturer, acknowledged by clients from all over the world, our machine is an efficient piece of equipment that can replace a traditional drilling machine and a table-top table saw. A CNC horizontal drilling machine is capable of cutting and preparing solid wood and panel furniture. In addition to drilling, it can also cut and assemble many types of board furniture. These types of cnc machines are ideal for heavy and large pieces. They can also cut decorative materials.




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