Highest Precision Double Sides Edge Banding Machine

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  • Date:2021/05/18

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to commence your woodworking tasks or whether you are finding means by which you will cut on your woodworking costs. Having a CNC woodworking machine will be the perfect choice for you to have your woodworking tasks fully optimized or also in cutting the costs of your tasks.

With double sides edge banding machine, you will be able to create beautiful pieces of furniture you have always longed for. With edging in the perfect edge being a challenge, the use of this edge banding machine will be the best solution to ensure that you have precise cuts and creating anything you desire in the edges. The best thing about the use of the edge banding machine is that you will be able to create each piece in woodworking with precision and consistency. In addition to this, these machines can add finishing as you may wish to create a beautiful veneer through which you can give it the best look as you prepare your furniture.

Advantages of the Double Sides Edge Banding Machine Works

The functionality of this banding machine is amazing to ensure that you have precision on your woodworking tasks. As a result of this, it is very effective and convenient for any woodworking banding needs. With its use, therefore, you will enjoy the following benefits;

· The general frame of the guide rail in this double sides edge banding machine is made of solid quality steel. This is essential in enhancing the durability of the banding machine. In addition to this, the quality steel used goes through the aging treatment, which is meant to improve and enhance the operation of the machine, making it stable.

· With the use of the Japan import lead screw, the machinery movement is able to do the tasks with lots of precision and accuracy. As a result of this, you can get any desired desire on the edges of the wood with much ease. In addition to this, the use of the import lead screw enhances the durability of the banding machine for a long-lasting service.

· Installation of the machine is done with the use of the auxiliary feeding roller both at the rear as well as at the front of the machines. This is done to ensure that there is smooth movement of the workpiece being worked upon in and out of the edge banding machine with much ease.

· To enhance convenience together with ease in operation, electric power is used in the control of the pressure beam movement. This allows it to be quick, yet providing precise and accurate results.

· For structured accuracy, this machinery is controlled by PLC, which is the programming that involves the use of a logic control to ensure that the results obtained are with full accuracy.

Product Specs

· The product model is SE-2106B, while the product brand is Sandar

· The workpiece width ranges from 250mm to 2400mm

· Workpiece thickness ranges from 10mm to 60mm

· The speed of the conveyor belt is usually 10 to 20m/min

· Features a total power of 21kw

· The conveyor belt motor is of 5.5KW

· Edge band thickness is of 0.4mm to 3mm· The banding machine measures 6050mm x 4200mm x 1700mm




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