High Speed and Heavy Duty Automatic Edge Banding Machine

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  • Date:2021/05/12

Have you been looking for an automatic edge banding machine that will carry out all the banding for your woodworking boards automatically? Well, search no other place as you just got the best out of the best. The SE-208TA edge banding machine has its design fully centered in ensures that it does the heavy-duty task at a very high speed, which is usually 26m/min.

Not only this, but you will enjoy optimal efficiency that you would never receive from any other banding machine. In addition to this is the precision as well as stability of its performance, which all attribute to its efficiency and convenience on banding woodworking boards.

Quality Assurance of the SE-208TA Automatic Edge Banding Machine

One of the key factors you need to put in mind while determining which automatic edge banding machine you purchase is the quality assurance you receive from the banding machine you purchase.

First, this banding machine is made by Guangdong Sandar CNC Machinery co. Ltd, mainly known as Sandar. This is a professional manufacturer of the CNC woodworking machine. They contain high experience in the production of the woodworking machine has been in the market for a very long period of time.

Sandar incorporates several production lines that are centered on providing top-notch quality. These production lines include the use of 6 sides and 5 sides drilling machine, CNC panel saw, CNC cutting machine, Multi-Spindle boring machine, edge banding machine, and many more. This ensures that they maintain precision in the production of woodworking machines that are fully effective.

The quality of this automatic edge banding machine is made in such a way that it can withstand heavy-duty tasks on the entire production process while at the same time maintaining a high-speed level. This, as a result, assures you of the quality you receive from the use of this automatic edge banding machine.

Functions of the SE-208TA Automatic Edge Banding Machine

There are several functions used for the Automatic Edge Banding Machine. Some of the functions of this woodworking machine include the following; quick melt gluing and Edging 1, pre-milling, quick melt gluing and edging 2, pneumatic trimming 1, pressure roller glue scraping device, pneumatic trimming 2, pneumatic scraping 1, corner rounding, pneumatic scraping 2, buffing 1, buffing 2, and edge band clamping unit.

Features of the Automatic Edge Banding Machine

· PC Auto-counter – This is a feature that enhances convenience in the operation of the edge banding machine. It uses the length of the edge band in daily count together with the daily processing function of the workpiece to enhance convenience in operation.

· Banding Loading Device that it of a Double Edge – This device is used in the installation of the 2 rolls of edge band tape. On completion of each, the color alarm lamp lights up to give out the notification on completion of banding

· Automatic Lubricating System – To enhance smooth sliding, this automatic edge banding machine features a lubricating system that lubricates the rails on the end trimming unit automatically to ensure that there is easy movement.

· Quick Corner Trimming – It features a quick corner trimming that uses 4 sets of high speed for around trimming as well as quick trimming on the corners.

· Quick Melt Gluing – This automatic edge banding machine features an automatic preservation function with a liquid level with accurate control on the additive glue amount. This feature keeps on heating at a controlled rate that is enough for the high-speed gliding and edging.

Product Specs

· The product model is SE-208TA while the product brand is Sandar

· The edge band thickness ranges from 0.4mm to 3mm

· The minimum width of the work-piece is 60mm

· The packing size is usually 10,500mm x 1,050mm x 1,850mm

· Has a total power of 21.5kw

· The weight of this banding machine is 3,580kgs

· Works under a voltage of 380V, 50Hz




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