How Edge Banding Machine Become Popular?

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  • Date:2021/08/26

As the world has witnessed, a 3mm edge banding machine has become really popular because this machine can make the banding process so smooth. These days, you can have manual and automatic edge banding machines depending on your setup. You can have the automatic curved edge banding machine for industrial use. All types of machines are available in the market. But if you are looking for a 3mm automatic edge banding machine, you should consider the Guangdong Sandar CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.


The company has a range of automatic edge banding machines from China. The automatic edge banding machine China has become the No.1 choice of industries because it offers quality work. The automatic version is greater than the manual and takes less time.


The main benefit of using an automatic edge banding machine is that it can help you with high production in less time. It speeds up the process. You can expand your business by adding edge banding machines in your factory. Here, we will be sharing a few things that you must keep in mind while purchasing an edge banding machine for your factory. Let's have a quick look at all these things down below:

1- Shape

Usually, when you are tasked with finding the best and suitable automatic curved edge banding machines, you need to consider their shape first. If the shape of the machine is suitable for the workplace space, it can get along well but if the shape is different than the workplace, you might have to look for another machine. Also, you need to find a machine that can enhance your workplace productivity and help you with sealing material.

2- Consider where this machine can be used

If you are in the business of making office cabinets and furniture and other similar products, then you should get consider 3mm automatic edge banding machine. It is important because you would want the machine to get along with the materials you are using.  Consider the end results of ABS or PVC scraper device for material sealing, solid wood edge, and finishing knife & sanding devices.

3- Quality

Whenever you are considering buying a machine, make sure it is from a reputable company. Quality machines won’t get heated more often, you can use them safely in summer and in winter without any danger. Edge banding machines feature a far-infrared preheating device and automatic tracking fillet trimming function that can make it really powerful for industrial use.

4- Features

Some machines tend to have more features, but some have basic features. That’s why companies have different models in the same category. But you should get the one that has features such as pre-milling, edge, glue, blunt, refinement, polishing, rough trimming, scraping, tracking, and slotting. Having these functions can allow the machine to offer high efficiency, precision, and automation altogether.  Also, always consider the features that are necessary for your own factory setups.

5- Cost

You wouldn’t want to buy a machine that is too costly or big for your factory setup. This wouldn’t be practical. So always consider cost with the features and specifications mentioned on the website 




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