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  • Date:2022/01/13

Since the past decade, there has been an increase in the need for the automatic edge bander machine. An edge banding tape machine is specifically designed to ease the banding procedure. These banding machines are available in both automatic and manual operations. It’s completely the choice of clients whether they opt for automatic edge banding machine or the manual edge bander machine.


No doubt, the edge banding machine offers several benefits as compared to the manual one that’s why its demand is higher in industries. The best thing about the automatic edge banding machine is its high-quality result on the workpiece, which you won’t get in the manual machine. Today, we will discuss a few important points that you must consider when buying an edge bander machine. Let’s quickly go through those points.

        SE-108B Heavy-duty Automatic Edge Banding Machine


· Workpiece’s shape

The workpiece’s shape plays a key role when choosing an edge bander machine. Make sure you have considered the shape, type, and productivity of the workpiece that requires to be machined.


· Features of the machine

Different edge banding machines have different features like pre-milling, blunt, rough trimming, polishing, slotting, tracking, refinement, blunt, glue, and scraping. Each of these features provide high precision, high efficiency, automation, and beauty. Furthermore, these characteristics rely on various kinds of division, including complex and simple. Functions, including scraping, polishing, glue block, and finishing are associated with the simple division.


· Yield of the machine

The yield of the edge banding tape machine matters a lot when purchasing this machinery for office furniture, cabinets, and other related items. Also, look for other features like PVC or ABS scraper device for solid wood edge, sanding device & finishing knife, and material sealing. To avoid the bad-quality outcome by low temperatures during the winter season, look for the banding machine that comes with a far-infrared preheating gadget. Automatic tracking fillet trimming feature and edge banding cutter device are also helpful configuration options.


· Consider the requirements

Do consider your needs when searching for an edge banding machine as the features vary from machine to machine. Overall, both the manual edge banding machine and automatic edge banding machine can satisfy the requirements of a common product besides decreasing production costs and enhancing its efficiency.


· Manufacturer’s machine information

The manufacturer of an edge bander machine always provide product information to guide the customers. The machine information mainly incudes its specifications, performance, operation methods, and price. So, don’t forget to look for that information before making a final decision.


Sandar deals in a variety of CNC woodworking machinery and one of automatic edge banding machine manufacturers in China. The company uses up-to-date technology of hardware and software in the production process together with numerous patented designs to achieve excellent presence, high efficiency, reliable quality, technical contents, and constant performance. The key features of its automated edge banding machine are pre-milling, edging, gluing, buffing, corner rounding scrapping, final trimming, rough trimming, and fine trimming. Main reasons to select Sandar over its competitors are wonderful exterior and novel patented design, heavy-duty frame, imported parts of machinery, and several configuration options for meeting varying customers’ needs.




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