Different Types of CNC Machine In Wood Processing

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The production of industrial parts requires precision, safety and economic efficiency. Most industries start with hand machining, but this is an old fashioned way of manufacturing. This process leaves room for errors, operator accidents and product inconsistencies. Fortunately, there are many types of CNC machines that can solve this problem.


CNC drilling machine for wood processing is a common manufacturing process that uses pre-programmed computer software to operate tools and machinery in the factory. CNC machines are responsible for making parts for almost every industry in the world. They make products and co mponents from aluminum, plastic, wood and other hard materials. There are several types of CNC machines, each serving a specific purpose in manufacturing parts. This guide will cover various methods of CNC machining, including high-end 6-axis CNC machines.


Types of CNC machines

Automated manufacturing allows industry to manufacture parts quickly and accurately, but not all components are created equal. The type of CNC machine required to manufacture the final product depends on the size and geometry of the part.


CNC milling machine

This common CNC milling machine for wood includes built-in rotary tools for drilling and cutting raw materials. The process begins with placing blocks of metal, wood or plastic inside the machine. Then the computer tells the machine how to cut or pierce the material. CNC milling machines are ideal for making notches, grooves, shapes and grooves. They are mainly available as 3-axis machines, but can be used for up to 6 axes.


CNC grinding machine

CNC grinders use fixed wheels to cut the parts. These systems can be used for up to 5 axes and operate with high pressure coolant to quickly remove metal fragments from parts without burning equipment. Manufacturers use grinders for end mills, surface grinding, contour grinding and groove grinding.


6 axis CNC machine

6-axis CNC milling machines are a step above 5-axis milling machines. These excellent machines use an additional axis of rotation along the Z axis, which allows a significant increase in speed compared to 5 axis varieties. The additional axis allows the tool to perform more movements and transitions at higher speeds without sacrificing precision. The 6-axis machine is ideal for batch machining of steel, aluminum and cast iron. It is powerful enough to convert raw metal into an end product without additional equipment.


It is a versatile manufacturing device that allows end users to perform various operations on a single machine. Automotive machining centers can use this machine for drilling, milling and turning. Each of these procedures requires modifications to the tooling or software control system, but the process will increase productivity and reduce production time.


This milling machine can reduce cutting time by up to 75% compared to other types of CNC machines, but it has limitations. Most of the components made with 6-axis milling machines are complex configurations, such as engine blocks or turbines. If you are machining a product with only straight and vertical cuts, there is no need for rotation in the X, Y, and Z axes, so there is no benefit to using a 6-axis CNC machine for a specific part.




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