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Accuracy, reliable and flexible are few words that can be used to describe a wood CNC machining center. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, a machine that is controlled by an electronic device. This electronic device, equipped with specific software, has pre-established controlled movement. The internal controls of the device regulate the functions and movements of the machine for precisely programmed woodwork under the control of a machine operator. These accurate and precise features of the woodworking machine make it an ideal option for people who wants to do highly précised jobs needing long usage of the machine. There are several CNC processing center manufacturers available in the market, but you need to think about how to choose the best CNC machine. For choosing a good machine you need to consider certain features and parameters. 


While choosing a CNC machine for your company, you need to consider the size of your business for which you need the machine. There is a wide range of CNC machining center manufacturers that manufacture machines for both small and large companies like Guangdong Sandar CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. Sandar, a China-based company that manufactures a wide range of products for woodworking. Some of the perfect CNC machine products that you can consider while purchasing tools for making your woodwork easy and accurate. The company offers user-friendly and easy-on-your-pocket products.


Out of a wide range of CNC machining center manufacturers in the market, Sandar is one of those companies that offers budget as well as user-friendly machines. There are many CNC machine center for sale that offers you Sandars woodworking products but always go for a certified one. 


Some of the best options are as below


Sandar’s Sides Double Working Area CNC Drilling Machine

A fully auto drilling machine with a heavy-duty design made with a fully left side controller, two bottom and two top drillings. The machine can be used for drilling holes on 6-sides and top to bottom grooving for furniture. You can use the machine for operating in both, left and right working areas. No need to purchase a separate machine for both sides, hence you not only save your money but space also. 


Sandar’s CNC Panel Saw

If you need a precise cutting of beams and panels, CNC Panel Saw is the right choice. With a computerized control system and an LED screen, the fully automatic cutting saw enhances the quality of your work and cut down the cost of labour. This machine is considered as a pre-requisite if you own a CNC woodworking company. The machine is environment friendly as well with more energy-efficient and produces less waste. So you not only cut down your labour cost but also contribute to saving your planet. There is a wide range of sizes of saw available at Sandar. Do not worry, the smallest one also provides you with more than 10-cuts in a shift.


Sandar’s edge banding machine

If you are looking out for an edge banding machine, then Sandar owns one. The company offers an edge banding machine usable for all kinds of wooden boards. You can perform highly precise trimming or edging by using the machine either it is a fine trimming or a rough trimming. You can perform a number of functions by just using one machine including trimming, buffing, corner scrapping, milling or edging.  




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