All You Need To Know About Edge Banding Machine

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  • Date:2021/09/15

The industrial edge banding machine is important woodworking machinery replacing the manual woodworking processes with automated working. Edge banding is a costly, time-consuming and tedious job for any woodworking business.


While choosing furniture for your residence hall, you will have to inevitably choose the materials to be used. Either to use a laminate sheet or solid wood? After choosing the material, you need to consider the edge banding of that material as well. Do not worry if you are an amateur and asking yourself what is edge banding?


In the basic layman language, as you know materials like plywood, lamination board etc. have unfinished and rough edges. To match the sides, different bands of glossy materials are glued using an edge banding machine. There are various companies in the market like Guangdong Sandar CNC Machinery Co., Ltd that offers fully automatic edge banding machines. You just have to supervise the machine and it will perform its work. The company is known for its edge banding machines offering a wide range of features. One of those machines is a SE-106B, an automatic edge banding machine. The machine can be used for all kinds of boards used for woodworking. The machine is highly efficient providing you with finished and precise edges.


This industrial edge banding machine comes equipped with modern features and a fancy appearance. Therefore, you do not have to hide it somewhere in your company. The spacious size of the machine covers less space making it easy to adjust in small areas. However, unlike other machines no matter it is small in size but has a heavy-duty frame that allows you to perform heavy duty work with it. You can set a variety of configuration settings on your device. There is one limit switch and one encoder controlling the machine. By just giving one signal, you can get done with the edging process.


Using an automatic band edging machine will allow you to cut down labour costs that you will have to hire if you purchase a manual machine. Also, no need to provide specialized training to your staff for operating the machine, as Sandar is offering a user-friendly machine. Therefore, you cut down training costs as well.


The machine provides you with a wide range of functions making it a one-for-all machine. The functions include buffing, rough trimming, fine trimming, pre-milling, end trimming, scrapping and gluing and edging. So, by just purchasing one machine you are not only saving space, reducing labor costs but also can perform a wide range of functions.


Well, if you are of the view that Sandar’s SE-106B is not what you are looking for, then no need to worry. There is a wide range of edge banding machines offered by the company. Just list down your needs and preferences for an edge banding machine, and there is a variety available as per your needs. All of the machines offered by Sandar are protected with a 12-month warranty and produced as per ISO standards.




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